Multiple Services Provided by Experienced Ship Brokers
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The global shipping industry relies on ship brokers to negotiate terms between ship buyers and sellers. They also act as intermediaries between ship owners and those who charter or operate the vessels. The term shipbroking refers to the financial services needed when buying or operating a ship. A team of experienced brokers combined their talents, interests, and specialties to create a multiple service company called NautiSNP.


Financing is the key component of any major transaction. There are several financing options for the purchase of second-hand vessels. New building financing is also possible for storage, warehousing, or an office for chartering boats or starting a new business venture with the newly acquired purchase. Some passenger vessels for sale, for example, are designed to be floating hotels and casinos. A buyer will need a small office to book and organize river cruises.

Tankers for sale

Legal support services offered include setting up escrow accounts, finalizing needed documentation, company incorporation, and ship registration. Negotiation the terms of a sale can be complicated, especially if the ship is in another country. Brokers have up to thirty years of experience in this specific area. That is important when negotiating a price, or agreeing to terms of purchase.

Ship Inspection and Management

Experienced inspectors are recommended depending on where the ship is docked or stored. The inspection is crucial to the pricing, potential for money-making ventures, and insurance premiums. This process cannot be left to amateurs. Follow recommendations provided, especially if this sale with be the first ship purchase.

Investors purchase vessels with no intention of operating them. In those cases, managers are used to taking care of the day-to-day details of running the ship. Associates know of many management companies around the world and can suggest some if desired.

Types of Ships for Sale

Tankers for sale are plentiful. These ships are merchant vessels designed to transport bulk amounts of liquid. Most people are familiar with oil, chemical, or gas tankers, but they are also used for liquid commodities, such as wine, vegetable oil, syrups, and molasses. In military applications, tankers are used primarily to refuel battleships, aircraft carriers, and planes.

Other types of ships for sale include loading craft, riverboats, off-shore vessels, and passenger vessels. To view specific ships available, request a purchase, or learn details about all services go to

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